Thursday, February 17, 2011

CBS on its 3rd Year

Cebu Bloggers Society is once more soaring high on its third year. CBS was able to established another year of achievements in social services and online media. There are lot of new things that happened in one year for the organization. Its not only with the new set of officers but there were also new faces or members to befriend with, new CBS logo to be proud of and several programs iniated and partnered with different groups joined by Cebu bloggers. One thing we should be proud of is that we grew not just solely bloggers but we learned to acknowledge the importance of the community to make our society getting better and bigger. We made better judgement and choices and that helped the group to move on and go on from issues and negativity faced from previous year. We learn to love blogging not because we have to but because we wholeheartedly wanted to share and influence the online community with avenues of discovery and learning. Cheers for another wonderful years to come for CBS!... Let's all make it happen