Saturday, June 27, 2009

CBS helps UMAPAD Fire Victims

"It is better to give than to receive" a famous line for those who extends help like the CBS family who had an outreach program in barangay Umapad for those fire victims who lost their properties on the huge fire this month. When we arrived, it was all raining but we never mind for as long as we can make even just a little difference for them to feel that there are other people who cares.We decided to share a little with our money to buy some goods, several kilos of rice and some also donated their used clothes because it would at least suffice the basic needs of those affected residents.So we shared the task of whose gonna do this and that and tadaaa! we manage to make a "bundles of joy"

So we devided our group into two and distributed the our gifts to the families though its not enough for all of them but at least we were able to share our blessings. We were all wet that day but we are still all smile because at least we've done a good job that day.

What I observed in the are is that people still seem to be positive despite what happened. They still talk to you and smile but you can really see how it is hard to live in tattered walls or with just a tent. They are determined not to leave the same place though they are asked to by a private company who allegedly owned the land because for them they grew up in that community and they will get old and die for it. Well, that's how we filipinos are ... hehe.. At the end of the activity, the group went to SM to unwind but most of our co CBS got wet but we just thought of it as part of the great experience. hehe

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was quite busy lately so was not able to update my blog for few days. This might be a late post but this is part of my task as a blogger. hehe.. Last June 12,2009, CBS was invited to witness the opening of the Cebu City branch of Mama Maria's Pizzeria. I'm not quite familiar of the pizza store since its the first branch here in Cebu. It was considered as the "Home of the Biggest Pizza in the Philippines". When we arrived, it was about to rain and were late for the opening rites but anyways it's okay because at least were not for the eating time! nyahaha.

So while waiting for the pizza to be served, we enjoyed the "camwhoring" and chatting with the CBS folks. Then, it was really fun especially when it rained! (its better not to tell the details...

When the pizza arrived, we were amazed the sized of it! waaa! it was indeed very large and yummy looking and you can really see its difference from the other pizzas because its home made and you can actually see it yourself the way it is cooked and created or dressed with "wowwowee" ingredients.

I ate different flavors like the hawaaian, kebab and kinilaw flavors and loved it but you can actually choose different flavors and they also have italian pastas great with ice tea or beer.

You can actually visit them and dine at Gorordo Avenue and they are also opening soon in Lapu-lapu City. For delivery, you may call [032] 417-11-77 or visit your nearest branches in your city and they are open 24 hours or visit their website at .. Thanks by the ways, to the management of Mama Maria's Pizzeria (the pretty foreigner) for a very warm welcome and accomodation. I would definitely go back and try their other pizzas and pasta togrther with my friends. hehe...
thanks to doyzkie's extraordinary talent for the pictures..hehe peace!. I just grabbed them at

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wanted to watch Movies?

I love movies but you know I don't get to have enough time to go to movie houses and its quite a waste of money for me so sometimes I surf the net and find out what's worthy to watch. These are the movies I was able to get from my "searcha-pade"

Weekend Box office top ten Hollywood Movies - June 5 - 7, 2009

1. The Hang over
2. UP
3. Land of the Lost
4. Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonian
5. Startrek
6. Terminator Salvation
7. Drag me to Hell
8. Angels and Demons
9. My Life in Ruins
10.Dance Flick

I saw this list from but I never get to see any of these movies at all. So maybe I have to search them in pirated DVD stalls.. lols but my friend has an original copy of some of the filipino films so I'll just borrow from them because at the end of the day, its better to watch a film whos copy is not pirated . char!

Top 10 Movies of Robinsons Movieworld Philippines from January to March 2009

Top 10 local films for the first quarter of 2009:

1.You Changed My life - Star Cinema
2.Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat - Star Cinema
3.When I Met You - Gma Films
4.Love Me Again - Star Cinema
5.Sundo - Gma Films
6.Iskul Bukol - Octo Arts
7.Desperadas 2 - Regal Entertainment
8.Shake,Ratlle and Roll X - Regal Entertainment
9.Status: Single - Viva Fils
10.Baler - Viva Films

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My BIG Days!

I really had a great time last May 30 and June 1 and that was indeed very memorable. Sorry I posted it too late.. hehe but It's never too late to tell your treasured moments in life right?. Well, lat May 30, we meet-up again with my batchmates as we usually do it every summer to talk about anything,how are we,lovelife,etc. and our venue would always be the beach. This year, we went to "Inday Lilies Resort and Spa" or formerly Stakili Beach Resort in Estaca,Compostela Cebu. As what I always tell them "the beach does'nt really matter, Its the company what really matters". So I did not even soaked in the water but I enjoyed talking, eating and the "Disco" which I really miss. hehe I really noticed that my high school friends really changed a lot. Were not the "pa tweetums effect" teens anymore. One of my girl firend who used to be so vulgar abd wit has now a boyfrined and ladylike and as for me, I learned to be mature (little) hehe. Most of us has lovelife already wahaha except our dear president who never change! right MARK MO*TA!.I was shocked that Mark also loves disco and with sexy and hip hop effects pa ha! but I really enjoyed our Dance Duo. We wnt home at sunrise and I have to work on that day but nevertheless, I was really happy that once again we got to spent a special day with my highscool friends.

Then last June 1 was my special day. Its my birthday Ayee though Im not quite comfortable with my age but Im excited that the same group would go to our house and spent the birthday with me. So we ate and talked a lot of stuffs but none of arrived at the same time. Its like by batch hehe but some of them went home late because of the "drinking session". hehe

I really had a lot of fun those days and would always remember it as I keep it in my treasure box. Ciao!