Thursday, June 4, 2009

My BIG Days!

I really had a great time last May 30 and June 1 and that was indeed very memorable. Sorry I posted it too late.. hehe but It's never too late to tell your treasured moments in life right?. Well, lat May 30, we meet-up again with my batchmates as we usually do it every summer to talk about anything,how are we,lovelife,etc. and our venue would always be the beach. This year, we went to "Inday Lilies Resort and Spa" or formerly Stakili Beach Resort in Estaca,Compostela Cebu. As what I always tell them "the beach does'nt really matter, Its the company what really matters". So I did not even soaked in the water but I enjoyed talking, eating and the "Disco" which I really miss. hehe I really noticed that my high school friends really changed a lot. Were not the "pa tweetums effect" teens anymore. One of my girl firend who used to be so vulgar abd wit has now a boyfrined and ladylike and as for me, I learned to be mature (little) hehe. Most of us has lovelife already wahaha except our dear president who never change! right MARK MO*TA!.I was shocked that Mark also loves disco and with sexy and hip hop effects pa ha! but I really enjoyed our Dance Duo. We wnt home at sunrise and I have to work on that day but nevertheless, I was really happy that once again we got to spent a special day with my highscool friends.

Then last June 1 was my special day. Its my birthday Ayee though Im not quite comfortable with my age but Im excited that the same group would go to our house and spent the birthday with me. So we ate and talked a lot of stuffs but none of arrived at the same time. Its like by batch hehe but some of them went home late because of the "drinking session". hehe

I really had a lot of fun those days and would always remember it as I keep it in my treasure box. Ciao!

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  1. hell ya! over-enjoy ko! hahah hubog gamay pero nawala ra sa pagtug2x! heehhe

    btaw, twas a great summer escape and bday salo2x! yay