Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol '09 - the season at its best!

(Kris was in shocked after Ryan announced that he is the winner)

I was doing the usual stuffs I do at work like checking emails and of course,surfing the net. Then one of the headlines in yahoo homepage is the result of the finale of the Season 9 American Idol between two hopefuls, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I was truly shocked when I knew that it was Kris Allen who grabbed the hearts of the American viewers by text votes and eventually became the AmericanIdol 2009. What This is indeed some kind of a twist So I searched for more reviews and articles with regard to the finalists and the result.

As what I read in an article (yahoo), that only 1 million viewer votes separated them a tiny margin considering that nearly 100 million votes were cast for the finale. Many of the reviews and several of the viewers before would say that it would be Adam Lambert who will be reign victorious this season but it maybe true that not all things can be predicted.

The "boy next door" image along with his skills to play several instruments,the awesome voice and renditions as what they say captured the viewers' votes to make Kris won the contest though several would also say that Adam deserves it more because he has its uniqueness and never runs out of style in singing but judges had said that the two of them are both winners and this year's finale is yet one of the best season ever in the American Idol history. All the judges loved the two performers so much that both of them is considered champions but of course there should be one ultimate American Idol and that is no other than Kris Allen. When both of the winners were asked after the finale, they have their different reactions.

"I'm exhausted, and I'm shocked," Allen said backstage . "I'm really shocked."

"I knew it was going to be a close race," Lambert said "I think Kris is incredibly talented, and he's a good person."

Kris Allen is a 23-year-old college student from Conway,Arkansas, first auditioned with Leon Russell's "A Song for You" in Louisville, KY. He is also active in their church and also joined several missions around the globe. While Adam is from California who auditioned with his rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and also a talented stage actor. Well, personally I was not able to follow the season but I would say that both of them are really great performers.You know what guys, it doesn't matter who won. True great performers are also measured how long are they going to survive in the entertainmentworld. We've seen winners truly made it to the top of their careers and a lot of runner ups' in the Idol that became successful in the music industry and the best example of which is Jennifer Hudson . So lets just give them both our best "goodluck" to their future careers. Right? hehe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Explore Maribago Bluewater Resort and Spa

Awesome!! Ayee! Thats my first impression when I knew that I am one of the lucky bloggers to be part of the summer treat in Maribago Bluewater Resort .That's a great prize for me as a new member of CBS. I thought of it as a luxurious welcome from the family.hehe.. Thanks by the way,to my new family of CBS, Mark (CBS Pres.) my highschool buddy ever since grade school and my boyfriend who influenced me into blogging.

Anyways, we were indeed pampered well when we arrived at the resort. From the transportation van usually for tourists
from SM North Wing where I got to met the gals and pals of CBS and way to the arrival where we were greeted in a warm smile with greetings of" Maayong Adlaw", a necklace where everyone was given made from seashell and a very thirst-quenching lemon juice. waah! I felt like a tourist myself. hehe... We rested for few minutes then cameras flashing here and everywhere savoring the beauty of the resort and mind you... where still in the facade and front desk area and there are lots of places to take picture perfect moments.

So we started our day with a tour by the help of one of the guest relations staff, Ms. Noreen who also enjoyed the jokes of the groups and felt like she became younger at that time.. hehe

Our first stop is the AMUMA Spa and Gym (visayan term for: pamper,care,spoil etc;) where you will be treated and pampered from head to foot. You can choose the types of "Hilot" from traditional to Asian and western type of massage. There is also a massage which is uniquely Filipino with techniques that calms,heals and relaxes our body and spirit. They also offer Spa treatments like facial and body care, salon services and you may enjoy their gym and health club for workout.

The AMUMA rooms and pool are indeed luxurious and comfortable especially the bed and bathroom for couple. hmmm... hehe

I would love to try their "Sauna" and outside "Jacuzzi"

Well its also interesting to join their weekly activities like Stretching (meditation),Tai Chi and Arnis where a trained personnel would guide and teach you.

Then we get to see their several fountains with sharks and colorful fishes which we really enjoyed watching while taking pictures. They call it "Marine Wildlife Lagoon" and there is a daily fish feeding every 4:00 pm ( as far a I remember it).I guess there are three large swimming pools where there are several foreign guests freshly swimming just in front of the guests rooms where the water is indeed blue and clean.I was tempted to dive in but we still have to tour more places.

We also visited the Allegro Restaurants that served international dishes daily that depends on the theme of the day . From Phillipine, Hawaiaan and Summer/beach party theme to western made complete with cultural show/program.

And the last stop is .. the "White sand Beach" ayee! how I love the view and beauty of it especially the island named "Alegrado Island" which is a favorite spot for beach weddings and other special occassions. They also have a restaurant named "The Cove" which you can choose fresh sea creatures (which we can eat) to choose and cooked.

Meet the Management

After the enjoyable tour,we got to meet the management of the resort. Their General Manager, VP,FD Sup. and AMUMA Sup.. Some of my co-CBS asked few questions everything under the sun all about the resort . Because it was informal, the meeting are also mixed with jokes and some would just throw out funny comments but I believe the management enjoyed it as well so that it would not look so dull and boring. hehe..
How would it be boring if there are delightful desserts that are enticing not only to the eyes but also to our tastebuds. The sweets makes us sweeter.. (lol). I personally learned more with that conference and delighted as well from the food we ate.

The fun never stops as we were also given a chance to enjoy the pools and their beach. Well I wore of course a suitable suit that day too bad I didn't take a picture of it(waaahaha). Unfortunately not all of us got to swim the bluewater since others did not bring extra attire that day. I guess were just 7 to 8 people wh
o soaked to the beach and the pool and we truly enjoy each other's company.

And the last event came... Barrio Fiesta Time! which is the theme of their dinner buffet that day.The entire room which is only open during breakfast was reserved just for us. oh!how was that? (lol) I was truly got excited to eat that I put too much food on my plate and I hardly consumed everything but the taste was perfect especially the steamed prawn which personally my favorite. hehehe.. . After the dinner, we thanked and bid farewell to the management,staffs and to sir Ruben who made it possible for us to truly enjoy our summer this year and I would definitely treasure every moment in Maribago Bluewater Resort and Spa. I was thinking that I would really go back to the place someday . Lastly, hope to see my new found family of CBS and thanks for letting me grab your photos guys. I may not you knew well for now but Mark let me access your multiply accounts. (peace!). So for those who wanna find a summer they can never forget,try the resort and you will truly embrace the charm of Island living.

For reservations or inquiries; you may reach:

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island
Lapu-lapu CIty, Cebu 6015 (Philippines)
Tel No: (63 32) 232 5411 to 14 and 492 0100
Fax No: (63 32) 492 0128 to 29

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Philippines - Earth 2009

Another year for the parade of beauties for a Cause... The Miss Philippines - Earth candidates are indeed beautiful as mother nature and behind that beauty are goals to help in preserving their mother earth. Here are the winners for this year held last May 10 in San Juan City Sunday night until early Monday morning..

Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism and Miss PAGCOR: Adie Adelantar

Miss Philippines-Fire and Miss Science and Technology: Patricia Marie Tumulak

Miss Philippines-Air: Michelle Martha Braun

Miss Philippines-Water: Catherine Loyola

The Miss Philippines-Earth has always been known for its unprecedented regional search for a true Filipina who cares for and helps in the preservation of the environment. Now on its 8th year, Miss Philippines-Earth continues to expand its coverage in every corner of the Philippines as various provinces, cities and municipalities send in their candidate. Likewise Filipino communities abroad, such as France, Germany, United Arab of Emirates and the United States of America will also join the new batch. (courtesy from

The winner competes in the Manila base Miss Earth pageant this year participated in by over 80 countries around the globe. Visit the MISS EARTH FOUNDATION website and learn more about the pageant’s advocacy.