Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Philippines - Earth 2009

Another year for the parade of beauties for a Cause... The Miss Philippines - Earth candidates are indeed beautiful as mother nature and behind that beauty are goals to help in preserving their mother earth. Here are the winners for this year held last May 10 in San Juan City Sunday night until early Monday morning..

Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism and Miss PAGCOR: Adie Adelantar

Miss Philippines-Fire and Miss Science and Technology: Patricia Marie Tumulak

Miss Philippines-Air: Michelle Martha Braun

Miss Philippines-Water: Catherine Loyola

The Miss Philippines-Earth has always been known for its unprecedented regional search for a true Filipina who cares for and helps in the preservation of the environment. Now on its 8th year, Miss Philippines-Earth continues to expand its coverage in every corner of the Philippines as various provinces, cities and municipalities send in their candidate. Likewise Filipino communities abroad, such as France, Germany, United Arab of Emirates and the United States of America will also join the new batch. (courtesy from www.missphilippines-earth.com)

The winner competes in the Manila base Miss Earth pageant this year participated in by over 80 countries around the globe. Visit the MISS EARTH FOUNDATION website and learn more about the pageant’s advocacy.

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