Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Meet @ Cebu Blog Camp 2010

I am so excited to see my fellow bloggers for the first ever Cebu Blog Camp this May 22, 2010 in CAP Theater.Who wouldn't be? . Its not only the day where you get to know many bloggers around the Philippines but also the chance to get to know more about blogging. I've been blogging for more than a year but never had an opportunity to attend a function  that would help me technically in blogging so I will never miss this once in a lifetime chance or hopefully a once a year event for all the bloggers like me. So see you all ther! =)

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Vote Counts! - Election 2010 Coverage

OMG! I miss the writing stuff..because when was the last time I blog? and for how many times do I post something on my blog? Well, unfortunately this blog will only be updated  for at least once a month!!!. I'm sorry for that.. . From the time I got married and was pregnant,seldom will I post anything personal except when I am obliged to because of CBS ( member of cebu blogger's society) ..peace.. . I am about to sleep since as of this writing since its almost 11:00 pm and my shift starts @ 4:00 am but my finger just wanted to reach for the keyboard of our PC to write about something significant that will greatly affect not only my future,my family especially my husband and baby Neo but all of us Filipinos because tomorrow is the Judgement Day for all the aspiring candidates form president down to local officials.

I did not personally or frequently shall I say endorse any candidate not because I lack concern of helping others choose the best person but because I firmly believe that it is in silence evaluation of each candidate one can determine who he/she should vote for the position. I read,watch and listen. I respect the stand of others but I also have my own belief . I do not merely listen to what others has to say but i listen what the candidates has to say in every issue thrown,his manner of answering what his opponent felt for him, his firm stand on what his real intentions of running. I am not just talking about the presidentiables but all of the positions available. I was once a politician before when I was just in my youth  ( SK official ) and from that experience I observed and saw the flaws and some naked truths about being in a government. I would not say that I saw and learned everything on how it works and why some would attempt to kill his opponent just to have the sure win but what I was sure of is that it is tempting and addictive for those who run not because he was driven by the desire to serve his constituents but because of the many benefits he can get from it.

We are already tired of the "TRAPOS" and "CORRUPT" so i don't need to say what are the points to consider upon choosing the best "Juan Dela Cruz" for the job. They flaunt their exemplary backgrounds that even a long bondpaper is not enough to take note of but when asked about "What you can do  for the country?", I hear the same promises over and over again . Some would say "there should be change!" but did not make an effort when they had the chance since they are already incumbent...but would reason out because they are not in the "highest position".. "What? its a ridiculous and shallow reason Sir/Maam". Youth today are more vigilant and tricky don't you know that? . We have been through tough times with the previous leaders. Its better to say " i will do my best!" rather than to say "I will do this..eradicate and stop this...". because promise is a promise and not made to be broken. I saw candidates with potentials but would not even mention one in this post as I believe that you yourself should be more responsible in every decision you make especially for this election where you are putting our country's future at risk.. Tomorrow , MAY 10,2010....You DECIDE ! ... as a blogger, This post is written as my share for what I have in my heart and mind in this coming election especially that w have a new automated system that shall I say will hopefully lessen the possibility of having biased and dirty election. Lets hope and pray that this will be more peaceful and become an honest,fair election for a progressive Philippines! . Let's participate everyone and vote because If you will ask me, I will surely vote because I know my one vote counts!....#ivoteiblog.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cebu Bloggers Society: 1st General Assembly

Blogging with love and purpose...that's how a true CBS member must possess. It is not just about blogging but its how you treasure and live it. I've been a CBS member for almost a year . As of this writing, probably it will be 1 week more and I will be officially one year with CBS. Its been a fruitful year with them as I learn a lot of things and get to experience things I never thought of happening and get to write lots of it. hehe..However,the best part of being CBS member is the company and family i found and I thank everybody for that. This May 1, 2010 , its another historic moment as we all meet for the 1st Cebu Blogger's Society general Assembly and Election for the new sets of Board of Trustees. The assembly will be held in Parkmall located in North Reclamation, Mandaue City. I am very excited for it and looking forward to meet everyone.

Friday, February 19, 2010

RJR Safety trend Trading Corporation

We cannot compromise our safety especially when we are outside and can never tell what will happen. Speaking of safety,(lol) five of CBS people namely, Pres.Mark,Mark G.,Miong,my husband Blair and me were invited to a grand opening of a safety equipments store the - RJR Safety  trend Trading Corporation. They just open their first branch here in Cebu and hoping to make a good business venture here. The company was headed by the accommodating Chairman Ms. Rosana Ybañez.The barangay captain of Mactan and first lady of Lapu-lapu City,Hon. Paz radaza was the one who officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a successful launching for the company with the wish it would also be a success in marketing their products.

What does RJR offers?
 As I checked their displays, You can see many types of safety products for industrial work,firefighting gears and personal safety as well like from their safety equipments- head gears,glasses,gloves,suits,shoes etc...You can tell its high quality and durability by touching them.RJR would be a big help for all the companies to achieve a safer working environment not only in lapu-lapu city but the entire country in general since its also open for distribution outside of Cebu.

About the company: (

RJR Safety Trend Trading was established in 2005.  The company started with only Personal Protective Equipment as the Product Line.  During the first year, all the company’s supply of products came from local manufacturers and distributors.  After a year,  the company started to import from countries in Asia. As to date, it imports almost 90% of it’s products from 11 foreign suppliers from 7 Countries namely, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Italy and USA.  The company’s list of foreign suppliers is still growing to be able to meet the demands of its clientele. 

Exclusive Distributor


Authorized Distributor

Tempshield  and more......

We would like to say Thank you and more power to the following Incorporators:

Ms. Rosana  D. Ybañez
Mr. Jimmy A. Ybañez
Mr. Rolando G. Duero
Ms. Norma Y. Cabrera
Mr. Romeo G. Duero

We also appreciate the invites and hospitality of earl or Jojo (co-CBS) from Sales/Operation staff.

Contact RJR Safety Trend Trading

Main Office

Address :
Door 104 JP Complex Sangi Road Pajo, Lapu Lapu City 6015
CEBU Philippines

Contact Number/s :
+6332 3409235
+6332 4955374
+6332 4955290

Fax Number/s :
+6332 3410306
+6332 3409235

Email :

Contact Person/s :
Rosana Duero Ybanez

Jojo Zacarias
Operations Staff

CBS@2: Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration

We made it CBS! oh yes! we had the blast of the night during the second anniversary celebration in SM Storyland celebration hall and it was a night without any restrictions or whatever since that's the first event were the CBS was the one who organized and were not the ones who were invited . It was the big night for those prepared presentations,banners,speeches and fun filled games.It was a night where nobody's young or old.Laughter is in the air and camwhoring is always present... but no one beats the charisma and energy of every group in the Showtime presentation.There were four groups who are vying for the best team namely; Firefox;Safari,Internet Explorer and Chrome team. The one who reign supreme was the "Internet Explorer team" with their entertaining showtime presentaion,nice banner and a win in games. We also have other contest like the best muse and escort where the Chrome team (Imelith and Willand) got the approval of our judges. So the over all standing was:

Champion: Internet explorer
1st runner up:Chrome
2nd runner up:Firefox
3rd runner up: Safari

The event wont be possible with the following sponsors:

SM Cebu
SM Foodcourt
SM Storyland
Golden Bowl Dimsum
King Wah Chinese Cuisine
Mama Gie
Balamban Liempo
Ric's Barbecue
Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Jehzeel Laurente

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CBS@ 2: Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary

In two years, blogging in Cebu has ripened from just being a mere online diary to something that takes an active role in civic and social awareness.

One of the factors that contributed to this positive development in the blogging scene in Cebu is the creation of a local blogging community.

The Cebu Bloggers Society was founded on February 14, 2008, with the main goal of uniting Cebu-based bloggers into a well-bonded community. And indeed, after its creation, individuals with diverse backgrounds but with a common interest, which is to promote Cebu and advocate blogging as a key tool for progress, converged together to establish Cebu’s first and largest blogging community.

The Cebu Bloggers Society has really grown and evolved quite significantly. From its humble beginnings, the group presently has at least 80 members and the number is still bound to increase further.

And now, the group is already anticipating its 2nd founding anniversary! Dubbed as “CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration”, the event is envisioned to further strengthen the bond of friendship and camaraderie within the blogging community.

The anniversary celebration will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2010, 5-9PM, at the Celebration Hall of SM Storyland, Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu.

This big and important event won’t be possible without the help and assistance of the following: