Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Vote Counts! - Election 2010 Coverage

OMG! I miss the writing stuff..because when was the last time I blog? and for how many times do I post something on my blog? Well, unfortunately this blog will only be updated  for at least once a month!!!. I'm sorry for that.. . From the time I got married and was pregnant,seldom will I post anything personal except when I am obliged to because of CBS ( member of cebu blogger's society) ..peace.. . I am about to sleep since as of this writing since its almost 11:00 pm and my shift starts @ 4:00 am but my finger just wanted to reach for the keyboard of our PC to write about something significant that will greatly affect not only my future,my family especially my husband and baby Neo but all of us Filipinos because tomorrow is the Judgement Day for all the aspiring candidates form president down to local officials.

I did not personally or frequently shall I say endorse any candidate not because I lack concern of helping others choose the best person but because I firmly believe that it is in silence evaluation of each candidate one can determine who he/she should vote for the position. I read,watch and listen. I respect the stand of others but I also have my own belief . I do not merely listen to what others has to say but i listen what the candidates has to say in every issue thrown,his manner of answering what his opponent felt for him, his firm stand on what his real intentions of running. I am not just talking about the presidentiables but all of the positions available. I was once a politician before when I was just in my youth  ( SK official ) and from that experience I observed and saw the flaws and some naked truths about being in a government. I would not say that I saw and learned everything on how it works and why some would attempt to kill his opponent just to have the sure win but what I was sure of is that it is tempting and addictive for those who run not because he was driven by the desire to serve his constituents but because of the many benefits he can get from it.

We are already tired of the "TRAPOS" and "CORRUPT" so i don't need to say what are the points to consider upon choosing the best "Juan Dela Cruz" for the job. They flaunt their exemplary backgrounds that even a long bondpaper is not enough to take note of but when asked about "What you can do  for the country?", I hear the same promises over and over again . Some would say "there should be change!" but did not make an effort when they had the chance since they are already incumbent...but would reason out because they are not in the "highest position".. "What? its a ridiculous and shallow reason Sir/Maam". Youth today are more vigilant and tricky don't you know that? . We have been through tough times with the previous leaders. Its better to say " i will do my best!" rather than to say "I will do this..eradicate and stop this...". because promise is a promise and not made to be broken. I saw candidates with potentials but would not even mention one in this post as I believe that you yourself should be more responsible in every decision you make especially for this election where you are putting our country's future at risk.. Tomorrow , MAY 10,2010....You DECIDE ! ... as a blogger, This post is written as my share for what I have in my heart and mind in this coming election especially that w have a new automated system that shall I say will hopefully lessen the possibility of having biased and dirty election. Lets hope and pray that this will be more peaceful and become an honest,fair election for a progressive Philippines! . Let's participate everyone and vote because If you will ask me, I will surely vote because I know my one vote counts!....#ivoteiblog.


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