Saturday, June 27, 2009

CBS helps UMAPAD Fire Victims

"It is better to give than to receive" a famous line for those who extends help like the CBS family who had an outreach program in barangay Umapad for those fire victims who lost their properties on the huge fire this month. When we arrived, it was all raining but we never mind for as long as we can make even just a little difference for them to feel that there are other people who cares.We decided to share a little with our money to buy some goods, several kilos of rice and some also donated their used clothes because it would at least suffice the basic needs of those affected residents.So we shared the task of whose gonna do this and that and tadaaa! we manage to make a "bundles of joy"

So we devided our group into two and distributed the our gifts to the families though its not enough for all of them but at least we were able to share our blessings. We were all wet that day but we are still all smile because at least we've done a good job that day.

What I observed in the are is that people still seem to be positive despite what happened. They still talk to you and smile but you can really see how it is hard to live in tattered walls or with just a tent. They are determined not to leave the same place though they are asked to by a private company who allegedly owned the land because for them they grew up in that community and they will get old and die for it. Well, that's how we filipinos are ... hehe.. At the end of the activity, the group went to SM to unwind but most of our co CBS got wet but we just thought of it as part of the great experience. hehe

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  1. Nindot kaayo to na experience. Ug bahaw na akong comment pero ok ra sad. :)