Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maribago Experience

Cant Forget the "Maribago" experience

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I became officially a member of CBS just last May and my first event attended was the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Summer treat and that was a good start indeed.You can see it in my post below on how enjoyable it is. It was a very fun and luxurious treat for the CBS with the sumptuous meals and warm accommodation, none of us went home without a smile and a fulled stomach. I enjoyed the food,the energy of everyone for their jokes and the place especially the beach and the pool. I started to build friendship with my co -CBS that day and that starts for a better bond. By the way you can visit " maribago bluewater cebu" and "maribago bluewater video " to see the beauty of the resort.

Then I found out that we will have another free opportunity to visit their other resort in the south which is the Sumilon Bluewater island (sumilon bluewater island resort ) . I was really excited about it and definitely would come even though I'm currently pregnant right now. nyahahaha! I will never miss this another treat from maribago management because I know they will once again treat us with utmost care. For more inquiries, you may visit the sumilonbluewater blog and "pinoyworld" on the details on how can you join if your also a blogger. See you there!


  1. maypa mo nakaadto nah. maynta ako sad oi.pohon
    mayng adlaw! ayo2x mong blair!

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