Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Preparations

Have you ever think how your wedding would look like? I mean lets set aside age, the thinking of "were so young to think about it" and the like . You know, all of us or some may not ...will eventually go through it ..right? Have you already imagine the "must haves" during you wedding day? Did you always wish it to be perfect? Well some would say "It should be like these...and that..."and others would say "que sera sera.. whatever will be,will be" (a line in a song...). I myself is in that situation right now, because Im getting hitched you know...Im not single anymore so Game Over for singlehood soon. I will be getting married to my 2 years 4 months boyfriend- Blair whom I've known since high school. Our story is quite too long to post it in my blog but I would say its not just an ordinary love story...hehe... We started as strangers to eachother,to classmates and for him to eventually like me but did'nt like him in return...wahaha..There were lot of rejections and denial and of course his "katorpehan" or shyness is OMG! extremely most of the time we were always arguing when we were just high school until I realized that he truly loved me because even many years passed, he still felt the same love, accepted my flaws and I was truly moved and fall for him .Yay! (!) . Too bad it took me 6 years to realize that he is worthy to be given love in return but I did not regret as well that I said "yes" when I was about to be in my fourth year in college because "lovelife" did not serve as hindrance to my studies because i decided not to have boyfriends not until he courted me again.

What Im proud about our relationship is that we haven't been to a big fight or misunderstanding ,only minor ones and for immatures..hehe and we never ever had any break ups or cool off. As of now, we are still preparing for our wedding this year probably by next month or October since we still have lots of things to consider. I just thought at first that if you will be in the situation that you decide or think that you will be getting married, you would feel "cold feet" or "scared" but thats not how we are. It excites us and gets us two more closer because were looking forward of going through the happiness and hardship of life together and forever. We are still on the first few steps of preparations like the "marriage license" and attending seminars which will be next week and what would be our wedding color or motif and invitation cards theme. We realized its hard to choose whats best for your most special day as couple.

So I started to surf the net to find nice color and Blair was also thinking of how would our invitation cards look like. So first we decided what would be the color of the wedding. He said he wanted to wear a tuxedo since his quite skinny and he like vampire characters.. so I did a research on nice colors that would somehow suit for a tuxedo and since Im also pregnant, a white wedding dress wont suit me anymore..hehe...

I found several nice colors but i wanted it to be something not usual or pastel like usually its blue,red,pink,green etc. so I looked for something vintage and elegant for us to look more mature since were both youg lookingand skinny. I found a color that is truly classic and elegant - "CHAMPAGNE "- . I really find it elegant,classic,vintage and clean. It also suits on black for male like wearing tuxedos and kids would also look cute if I will let them wear gowns where they would look like little prince and princess. When I saw the gowns in the websites for the color champagne I really got excited and thrilled. So i told Blair about it and he also got the idea of having our invitation as like a "message in the bottle"

They're nice right? hehe... for now these are things I can share for our wedding preparations. Will post the second part or updates about the other plans as well as the entourage and exact date.Ciao! enjoy reading .


  1. bwahahahaha. brides maid kow!

  2. nyahahaahhaah.. i would suggest if you would have a handmade invitation para more of personal touch. you have your bridesmaid mansad so they could help you out. :) nice post...