Sunday, January 25, 2009

The MV Doulos and Park Mall Getaway!

the MV Doulos ship

outside the ship

Mark and Blair

My highschool friend invited me for a gig last saturday to come and visit Mv Doulos. Without a doubt, I said "yes" to his invitation since Im also interested to see what's inside the ship.So, I invited him as well to go to parkmall afterwards. I had a little background about the ship way back college years. What I knew is that we used to call it "travelling bookstore". It travels around the world not only to sell books but other stuffs as well that would help them raise enough funds to support their cause as a charitable organization.It was quite hard going to pier1 where the ship docked because we've been through a little bit of hardship. hehe...
We met at SM Cebu together with my boyfriend and Mark's CBS' mates or bloggermates. We were able to met few acquaintance and went together to pier1. It was a walkathon experience for us. We need to walk several meters to reached the ship. Well, it was not that big but we got so excited that even outside we started taking pictures.

souvenir hat and giveaways!

Well, we expected a lot of things on whats in store for us inside the ship. We went to the bookstore first. I did not find books that would interest me so much and if there is, it would cost too much money so I just entertained myself reading some stuff.

there are lots of books to choose from

they're also selling hillsong CDs. I like it but its expensive hehe...

What we are amazed about are the expensive souvenirs huhu.. Can you imagine an eraser or a pen for 25 pesos? how about a keychain for 50 pesos? or a metal decoration with a ship figure for 400 pesos?! and a cap that brought us a little trouble for 300 pesos! wooh! hehe... For others they would say its worth the money since its just once a year .We had a little misunderstanding with my boyfriend caused by the "Hat". We thought of buying one since he's collecting caps as hobby. So I told him to ask the price and what he heard from the security guard near the foreigner cashier, is that it cost 100 pesos. So I went to the other foreigner cashier to purchase it but too late for me to know that I was charged with 300 pesos for the hat! Its not the appropriate time to returned the item since it was already purchased and its a shame for our negligence not to ask further so I just looked my boyfriend with a fiery eyes and confronted him outside. Mark was really laughing with our experience.
Then his blog mates decided to just go home since they did'nt find anything nice for them. If It was me, I would love to explore more of the ship but since the mob wins, so I just go with the flow.


  1. waaaaaaaaa! nalingaw gyud ko ani! hehehe

  2. mao!!!! waaaaaaaaa! ahak kaau to naguba ang budget gud! huhuhuhu pero ok nlanmg unsaon taman hehehe