Sunday, January 25, 2009

When they went home and theres only three of us left, we headed to our second stop - The Parkmall in North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. We are really looking forward for a great meal and Im having headache at that time. Parkmall is not that accessible since its just new and its situated in a reclamation area near the CICC ( Cebu Int'l Convention) but it became a favorite place for family and friends' bonding moment.So it was another walkathon experience but its worth the wait. hehe...

Im enjoying it! hehe

ah mark.. are you ok? hehe for sure hes hungry!

to the camera please! hehehe
We ate at KFC and enjoyed a yummy treats of KFC Spicy chicken with extra rice plus Snackbox ( I love the fries!) and large drinks! We are indeed hungry ! hehe... I also love their Ice cream Float hmmmm....

After that palatable meal, we explored whats inside the mall. Its not that developed yet since there are still empty stalls but we enjoyed the view so we had a pictorial session inside.We stroll around the shops and also outside the mall theres a little park so maybe thats why its called park mall hehe.. After getting tired,we went home through the free ride bus from park mall to the market then we ride a tricycle for home.

When we arrived, we are so excited to upload the photos in Mark's place. I had a really bad headache that night and slept late but its no big deal because I really enjoyed. I experienced a lot of fun more in the mall and hopefully, we'll come back with more friends to bond. I will always remember those memories and I will keep this to my treasure box! =)

Watch out for more of zyra's treasure box.
some photos courtesy of cevsar, and Mark. thanks guys!

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